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Can a high blood pressure be a cause for nosebleeds?

March 22, 2013 aboutbloodpressure High Blood Pressure

Nose is actually an important vascular part of the face and is completely made of cartilages. It performs a highly significant role in terms of inhaling and exhaling the air through its nasal passage. However, few of the complications may also occur that are related to the nose. Epistaxis which involves the major bleeding from nose is one of the common complications noticed in many individuals due to the various unfavorable conditions for the body.

Nose bleeding is one of highly common health problems faced by children and few adults as well. Usually, people get nervous and start panicking after seeing their nose bleeding; however, people need to be calm and relaxed to obtain an adequate treatment for such sufferings in their life. As per the medical professionals, there are several factors or health conditions that may result into nosebleeds in the body. Some of the major causes are environmental factors such as, high altitude, dry or winter season, chemical exposure, calcium deficiency, any severe infection, uncontrolled consumption of harmful drugs like aspirin or warfarin and many more. In rare cases, high blood pressure can also be one of the causes behind the nosebleed conditions in the body. The abnormally high blood pressure actually leads to the breakage of blood vessels located in nose and ultimately results into severe nose bleeding.

high blood pressure and nosebleeds

Nosebleeds can mainly of two types, one is anterior and the other one is posterior type of nose bleeding. The posterior kind of nosebleeds is more chronic and precarious as it mainly occurs from the upper portion of nose and immediate medical help should be taken for this. On the other side, the anterior nosebleeds are not severe and can easily be treated at home itself.

People who face nose bleeding problem due to the high blood pressure condition must follow definite steps that can greatly help in maintaining a normal blood pressure in the body. Some of the crucial steps such as, maintaining a healthy diet plan, moderate alcohol consumption, avoiding stressful situation, maintaining adequate body weight and routine practice of exercises etc, can indeed profoundly contribute in reducing the consequences of high blood pressure like nosebleeds.


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