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Doing regular exercise at different intensities favours control of blood pressure

February 6, 2013 aboutbloodpressure Exercise for blood pressure

A research team from the Faculty of Physical Activity Sciences and Sports at the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) has published the results of research undertaken in 2010 which highlights the importance of doing physical exercise at different intensities as a way of controlling blood pressure. Thus, amongst different groups analysed for the research over a period of eight weeks, the group subjected to supervised physical exercise at different intensities was that which achieved greater benefits for levels of blood pressure and physiological parameters.

The research, led by Dr Sara Maldonado-Martín of the Physical Education and Sports Department at the UPV/EHU, aims to provide continuity to that first research work by means of new investigations every year which are designed to more precisely identify the benefits of exercise for high blood pressure patients. Thus, for the new round of research prepared for this year, an increase from eight to sixteen weeks in the period of monitored training is anticipated.

With this widening of the research, the aim is to find out what influence greater periods of research have on the results; and, moreover, to ascertain if it is sufficient with less volume of training and obtain similar improvements. For this final aim, it is expected to include a new study group that will alternate moderate and intense sessions of exercise, but with sessions having less duration than the rest of the groups.

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