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EFT for High Blood Pressure?

January 30, 2013 aboutbloodpressure High Blood Pressure

I have (had) a silent secret.  High blood pressure — for nearly 20 years.

I have none of the typical risk factors. I don’t smoke. I’m not overweight.  I eat a whole foods diet. I do yoga. I meditate.  The typical drill. But no matter how much I tried to lower my blood pressure naturally, it just wasn’t happening.  So, I agreed to take medication.

Now, despite my good intentions, I sometimes  forgot (resisted) my medication.   Eventually, I would remember, and take my pressure with my home monitor.   The numbers would scare me.  I’d take my medication. Until…I forgot, again.

Finally, I surrendered.  I knew low blood pressure  was critical for my heart.  So I took the meds — every day.  I stayed on track, I stuck with it.   And — I gave up trying to lower my blood pressure naturally.

Then, a month or so ago, I forgot again. I went for at least two weeks without medication.  When I finally noticed, I shamefully took my pressure, certain it would be high.

But it wasn’t. It was 120 over 78.

IMPOSSIBLE,  I thought.  So I took it again, and again.  Slight fluctuations, but my pressure was low.  It stayed low.  It was low the next day, and the next, and all the days following.

Three weeks later, it’s still low!  Without medication!

I suspect my low blood pressure was the result of my EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) practice.  During the past year I have spent hundreds of hours tapping with clients, at EFT seminars, with EFT practitioners, and with EFT audio programs.  I’ve tapped (successfully!) on many personal  issues — but never on my blood pressure.

I have no doubt that EFT releases physical and emotional pain, but I never thought it would help my blood pressure.  I remembered EFT Master Carol Look saying that she had a similar experience with her ‘incurable’ insomnia.   It  disappeared as a result of her ongoing EFT practice with clients.  Maybe the same thing had happened for me!

I bet it’s the cortisol connection.  In addition to many illnesses, high cortisol contributes to both insomnia and high blood pressure.

And, EFT just happens to be one of the all-time BEST cortisol-lowering techniques!

So, while I’m not certain that my blood pressure will stay low, I have every reason to believe it will.  I know EFT is a powerful tool.   And, I can’t wait to tell my cardiologist!

Let me be clear — I am not suggesting you do what I did.  If you need medication, take it.  What I am suggesting is that you try EFT.  You never know what might happen!  You’ll be amazed.

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EFT for High Blood Pressure?,

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