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EXERCISE… A Healthy Solution For High Blood Pressure

February 6, 2013 aboutbloodpressure Exercise for blood pressure

High blood pressure and hypertension are constant concerns for most Americans. Obvious options for helping to control blood pressure are to lose excess weight, stop smoking, and limit salt, fat and alcohol intake. But, one of the best ways to control and maintain a more stable blood pressure is through aerobic exercise. Researchers found that just 45 minutes on a treadmill made up of three, 15-minute sessions separated by 4 minutes of rest, lowered blood pressure consistently even 12-16 hours after exercising.

If hypertension is a concern, it is suggested that aerobic exercise (not weight lifting) become a regular part of your weekly schedule. You should do 30-45 minutes of exercise 3-6 times each week for the best result.

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