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Heart Attack Symptoms

February 1, 2013 aboutbloodpressure High Blood Pressure

Heart attack symptoms come in a large variety and sometimes a person may suffer a heart attack that shows no signs of discomfort at all and yet end up damaging the heart drastically. The web defines a heart attack as ‘a sudden severe instance of abnormal heart function’. In most cases a heart attack occurs when the supply of oxygen is cut off due to lowered blood supply to any part of the heart. If the problem is not rectified immediately this situation can turn fatal. Heart attacks are identified according to the area of blockage of the heart and while attacks like the sudden cardiac arrest are 95% of the time fatal other may have a higher rate of survival.

The heart attack warning signals can show up hours before an attack comes on. Patients may feel dizzy and fatigued or even suffer from nausea. During the attack, it is common to break out into a sweat, faint and experience intense pain in the chest along with pain going down the left arm. In case of certain heart attacks a person may faint and the pulse rate may drop down to a negligible number. Those who suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes, lack of sleep, congenital heart problems and even high cholesterol are very likely to undergo a heart attack.

Heart attack signs women do sometimes vary from the signs of heart attacks in men. Most women are under the false impression that they are not at risk of facing a heart attack, however this is not true. Women account for half the deaths caused due to a heart attack. Women who suffer from problems like congestive heart failure and high blood pressure should not ignore heart attack signs like chest pain and shortness of breath.

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