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High Blood Pressure For Dummies

February 13, 2013 aboutbloodpressure blood pressure chart

After you have received a blood pressure measurement and a classification from your doctor, make sure you follow the recommended schedule for medical rechecks. Make the necessary lifestyle changes to lower your blood pressure, look for signs of secondary high blood pressure, and if you need high blood pressure medication, consult a physician to find the right medication for you.

Blood Pressure Classifications

When you have a blood pressure reading, the doctor will tell you two numbers: the SBP (systolic blood pressure) over the DBP (diastolic blood pressure). Use the following chart to compare your SBP and DBP numbers and classify your blood pressure. If your SBP and DBP fall into different categories, use the higher category. Note: mm Hg means millimeters of mercury.

Category SBP mm Hg DBP mm Hg
Normal Less than 120 and Less than 80
Prehypertension 120–139 or 80–89
High Blood Pressure
Stage 1 140–159 or 90–99
Stage 2 160 or greater or 100 or greater

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