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High Blood Pressure in Pregnancy

March 21, 2013 aboutbloodpressure High Blood Pressure

Every pregnant woman needs to take additional care of her health throughout the period of pregnancy. If a woman has already got the blood pressure problem then she needs to pay extra attention before planning pregnancy into her life. Some of the common factors such as, blood sugar level, blood pressure value etc should be necessarily monitored in regular basis. Similarly, the high blood pressure in pregnancy is one of the common complications faced by many pregnant ladies.

The blood pressure is basically the pressure exerted by the blood towards the walls of the blood vessels like arteries in entire body system. The hypertension condition occurs when both systolic as well diastolic pressure get raised from its normal value, which is 120/80 mmHg. Overall, it is very essential to treat the high blood pressure state of your body as it may also leads to many life threatening diseases like stroke, cardiac disorders, coronary heart diseases, kidney failure and many more. It becomes more important in case of pregnant ladies as many severe complications and threat to the child may result due to the high blood pressure of the mother. This article includes detailed information about the high blood pressure condition during pregnancy.

Types of high blood pressure that may occur during pregnancy

The high blood pressure condition during pregnancy may occur through any of the following types that are described below:

High Blood Pressure in PregnancyIf the pregnant lady develops blood pressure problem in very early stage of her pregnancy or even before getting pregnancy then such particular type of blood pressures complication is termed as chronic hypertension. The chronic hypertension usually persists even after delivery of the woman. On the other side, gestational hypertension is the only blood pressure problem that appears during pregnancy period and it also vanishes after delivery. However, in few of the cases, chronic hypertension and gestational hypertension may lead to a severe health condition during which mothers experience a very high value of her blood pressure and presence of protein in the urine. This specific condition is called preeclampsia and it is even dangerous for the fetus in terms of premature birth, dead baby and likewise. At the same time, mothers also get to face many health related complications such as, problems in kidney, liver or nervous system.

Risks associated with high blood pressure during pregnancy

The high blood pressure condition can result into many health risks during pregnancy. Some of the major risks are mentioned below:

  • Insufficient supply of air and nutrients to the fetus: The high blood pressure condition mostly results into insufficient supply of oxygen and food to the growing fetus. This all happens due to the improper flow of blood to the placenta.

  • Breakage of placenta: With the condition of hypertension in pregnant woman’s body, there is possibility of detachment of placenta with the main uterus and it may further leads to a severe complication for growing fetus.

  • Risk for cardiac disorders for mother: The mother may also receive the risks for cardiac disorders in later phase of their lives. It mainly occurs due to the severe blood pressure condition like preeclampsia condition.

  • Too early delivery: The blood pressure problem may also end up into urgent and quick delivery of the woman just to avoid the major health complications in life.

Overall, you must consult your gynecologist to obtain an adequate treatment for high blood pressure condition during pregnancy.


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