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How to cope with low blood pressure during pregnancy

January 30, 2013 aboutbloodpressure Low Blood Pressure

Low blood pressure is very common in pregnancy and usually it is not of concern. Fit, healthy women generally have blood pressure that is low, combine this with pregnancy and it gets even lower. If the blood pressure becomes too low for the heart to pump blood effectively to the vital organs, fainting occurs which quickly fixes the problem.

Low blood pressure becomes problematic when it interferes with daily life. Tram or train rides with prolonged standing can lead to dizziness or fainting. Unfortunately there aren’t too many solutions, the progesterone in pregnancy means that veins don’t contract as well to return the blood to the head where it is needed. Keeping well hydrated by drinking water will help a bit but essentially the only solution is to sit instead of stand for prolonged periods and be aware of your body and when you start to feel dizzy, play your pregnancy card and ask for a seat.

Being a vegetarian shouldn’t make this too much worse unless you are really anaemic (have a low blood count because of low iron). An iron supplement can help if you are low in iron.

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