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How to Reverse Heart Disease

March 5, 2013 aboutbloodpressure Exercise for blood pressure

Does it work? Salvatore Frascinella was a 65-year old executive with 3 cardiologists who thought he was too risky for bypass surgery. They had him on a dozen pills a day and he was getting worse. Desperate, he attended a Total Health Seminar and in 8 weeks, he was off all his drugs and had resumed playing tennis. That was in 1984.

Alive and well at 86, still on no drugs, he said, “You saved my life.” But anyone can do it if they are willing to do what Salvatore did—

1.      A low fat, low cholesterol diet.

2.      A progressive exercise program as recommended by Dr. Albert Kattus, of UCLA, then Chairman of the Committee on Exercise for the American Heart Assoc. He tells this patients that mild (Grade 1 or 2 chest pain) is desirable in a walking program. Walk in the presence of mild pain or pressure as a stimulus to dilate (open) the arteries. Athletes work to the point of aching muscles. The heart is a muscle that is not damaged by the ache, just don’t push to the point of severe (Grade 3 or 4) pain.

Doctors often give the idea that diet is okay, but when you get serious, come to them for real help. But Salvatore’s experience shows that diet and exercise were stronger than medical care, because they wouldn’t operate on him!

It takes many years to plug up our arteries on a high cholesterol diet. It won’t go away in a day or two, but a low fat diet will result in blood that is less sticky–it will circulate better and allow you to exercise. Soon you will be doing more and more with less and less pain.

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