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Just a Phone Call Away From Disaster…

March 22, 2013 aboutbloodpressure Blood Pressure

By Hal Gordon

Whenever the rector of my church wants to impress upon his erring flock the awful fact of their own mortality, he reminds us that however secure and self-sufficient we may flatter ourselves to be, we are always “just a phone call away from disaster.”

My own phone call came last Wednesday. For several weeks I had been disturbed by a collection of vague symptoms – sudden weakness in the legs, fatigue, loss of appetite, inertia and general moodiness. None of them particularly alarming in themselves, and all seemingly unrelated.

Like the typical male animal, I refused to give in to a little discomfort. I told myself that these symptoms were nothing serious – just another swing in my blood pressure, another spell of the blues or maybe I was just getting old.

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