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Man injured in fall had chronic liver disease

May 6, 2013 aboutbloodpressure Heart diseases

By Heather Pickstock

A HORFIELD man who underwent surgery for a thigh fracture after falling from a 6ft wall died after complications following his operation, an inquest heard.

Leroy McDonald, 45, of Kellaway Avenue, was admitted to the Bristol Royal Infirmary on September 9, 2011, complaining of pain to his left knee after falling from a wall.

Mr McDonald, who was unemployed, told medics he had drunk large quantities of alcohol and had taken four amphetamine tablets ahead of his fall, adding that he had had “enough of life and had tried to kill himself by jumping off the wall”.

X-rays of his leg showed he had a fractured femur above the left knee.

He underwent surgery to fix the fracture on September 11 and during a three-hour operation, screws and a plate were fitted.

The inquest at Flax Bourton Coroner’s Court heard that Mr McDonald had chronic liver disease and early indications of liver cirrhosis due to alcohol misuse.

Because of his condition he had low levels of platelets and needed blood, plasma and platelet transfusions ahead of, during and after the surgery. His condition meant he was prone to bleeding and suffered difficulties with his blood clotting and maintaining blood pressure levels.

Following his operation he was admitted to the intensive care unit where he was given more blood products, fluid and painkillers. However, on September 15 it was noticed that Mr McDonald’s abdomen had become distended and a CT scan revealed there was thickening of the wall of the small bowel.

Read more: http://www.thisisbristol.co.uk/Man-injured-fall-chronic-liver-disease/story-18880900-detail/story.html


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