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Piercing a 500-Year Veil

March 22, 2013 aboutbloodpressure lower blood pressure

By Pure Radiance

Dear Beauty Conscious Reader,

I steered my little Nissan rental car higher… deeper into Jamaica’s John Crow Mountains. S-curves and switchbacks emerged suddenly out of the sheets of blinding rain.

As the storm finally began to clear, I spotted a cluster of tin-roofed houses and tiny shops. I had reached my destination: the home of Jamaica’s last living Maroon healer, Ivelyn Harris.

For centuries, the Maroons have been among the world’s most skilled herbalists. With just the plants growing in their mountain home, their healers may have already conquered problems that still challenge modern medicine. For example, I’d heard stories that…

  • They use a single flowering weed to lower blood sugar, clear up stubborn rashes, ease an upset stomach and even relieve the pain of arthritis.
  • They grow a kind of grass in their gardens that clears up almost any fever. Tea made from this grass is even said to protect against yellow fever.
  • They discovered a beautiful yellow wildflower that lowers high blood pressure… and raises blood pressure that’s too low.

I felt tremendous anticipation as I shook hands with this woman. She was the last repository of this ancient knowledge… and I hoped she’d

have the time and energy to share it with me.

But Ivey caught me off guard. She told me she wanted to write a book. A book of herbal knowledge that everyone could use and benefit from.

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