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Relation Between High Blood Pressure & Heart Attacks

January 29, 2013 aboutbloodpressure High Blood Pressure

heart diseaseWhat is a Heart Attack?:

Your heart is a muscle. Like all muscles in your body, it can only work properly if it has

  • A constant supply of oxygen
  • Reserves of energy and nutrients
  • A way to remove harmful waste products

When any of these things are interrupted, the heart can be damaged and lose its ability to effectively pump blood. A heart attack happens when, for various reasons, the supply of oxygen to the heart is interrupted.

Supplying the Heart With Oxygen:

The heart is supplied with oxygen by a special group of blood vessels, called the coronary vessels. Because there are hundreds of millions of cells in the heart, and they all need oxygen, there is a specialized way that each cell gets the oxygen it needs.

  1. The coronary vessels bring blood to the outside of the heart
  2. Oxygen passes from the blood, to the outermost cells of the heart wall
  3. The oxygen passes through these cells, and down into the deeper cells of the heart.

How High Blood Pressure Causes Problems:

Lifting weights makes your muscles get bigger. Essentially, lifting weights is just making your muscles do work. Blood pressure is like weight lifting for the heart, and high blood pressure means your heart has to work extra hard to pump blood. Just like arms or legs, this extra work makes the heart get bigger.

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