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Reversing High Blood Pressure, The Easy Way

February 19, 2013 aboutbloodpressure Exercise for blood pressure

High Blood Pressure Decoded

Blood Pressure is primarily a function of:

  1. Blood Viscosity: The ratio of particulate matter dissolved in your blood determines the viscosity or thickness of your blood.
  2. Fluid Passage Size: As material deposits and builds up on the surface of fluid passages, fluid flow is constricted, increasing blood pressure.
  3. Fluid Passage Glide: As material deposits and builds up on the surface of fluid passages, they become rough which increase rate of material build up.
  4. Fluid Passage Elasticity: As material deposits and builds up on the surface of fluid passages, they become rigid with very little ability to expand and contract. When this occurs, even the slightest activity can cause huge increases in blood pressure.

Blood is best to be primarily water. Blood passages are best when they’re optimally sized, slippery and expand/contract on demand.

Blood Viscosity – Salt, Water & Hydration

Perhaps the single greatest contributor to High Blood Pressure is thick blood. There are many reasons for thick blood and the greatest factor is hydration.

Simply changing quantity & quality of both Salt & Water is usually enough to have a profound effect balancing blood viscosity. Using denatured Salt or +ORP Water, rather than -ORP Water, both tend to reduce amount of water uptaken out of our digestive system into our blood, lymph and cells.

-ORP Water has an antioxidant effect, whereas +ORP Water has an oxidizing or rusting effect. -ORP Water also has human compatible structure, which accelerates hydration outward through cells.

Salt is the other great contributor to great hydration, as Salt is the substance which allows us to hold Water in our fluids and cells.

Blood Viscosity – Digestion & Elimination

The hydration, digestion, elimination cycle is highly complex. Like a finely tuned racing car, when all your systems are working at full on, optimal levels all is well. Some of the components for optimizing your cycle include:

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