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Special Diet for Heart Disease

February 18, 2013 aboutbloodpressure Exercise for blood pressure

FOR you which suffer from heart disease, especially those who have experienced coronary heart disease (CHD), you should immediately arrange food menu so that the heart does not work hard. Especially those which are overweight.

According to nutritionists Idet Haryanto SKM Kes, the purpose of this diet is to provide enough food nutrition without aggravating heart disease. “Some high protein foods should be avoided. But do not become malnourished because they do not eat protein, “he said at City Health Office of Jambi.

Not only that, for heart patients which are overweight, diet regulation is expected to help reduce weight. In addition, the diet is also expected to reduce levels of fat and cholesterol to prevent the occurrence of new plaques. “It also helps prevent or eliminate edema if any,” he said.

So, what foods which recommended and should be consumed?

Idet said, the food may be eaten are:
Carbohydrate sources are rice, porridge, bread, wheat, macaroni, pasta, corn, sweet potatoes, cereals.
Source of animal protein, lean meat, skinless chicken, and fish.
Vegetable sources such as tempeh, tofu, oncom, nuts, and soy. “There remains much to eat,” he said kindly.

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