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Using Menthol Cough Drops, And High Blood Pressure May Get Worse

March 1, 2013 aboutbloodpressure Symptoms

As unfortunate at it may be, persons taking medication for high blood pressure do not receive any help in fighting off colds and flu from their high blood pressure medication. Sinus infections and other symptoms of colds can usually be treated with over the counter medications, but for person suffering with high blood pressure some of the treatments can make their blood pressure higher. While many reach for menthol cough drops and high blood pressure medication, there is a risk of the medication not being able to do its job.

There are many different types of foods that influence a person’s blood pressure, such as eating salty and fatty foods on an empty stomach can increase blood pressure dramatically, but usually only for a short time. Similarly, when a person uses menthol cough drops and high blood pressure seems to go higher, they should probably refrain from using them. Resultantly, there have been many recent products introduced to provide the relief from symptoms of colds and flu for persons with high blood pressure.

Until these products became available, the patient typically had to suffer through the process until the symptoms disappeared on their own. Those made with the extract of peppermint are some of the most popular menthol cough drops and high blood pressure patients have been advised to stay clear of them.

Finding Medication That Is Considered Safe

Persons with high blood pressure should take the advice of television or magazine commercials about the use of certain drugs, especially if they have high blood pressure and menthol cough drops are recommended. Before using any type of over the counter medication while also taking high blood pressure medication, the advice of the doctor should be sought. If that is not possible, they should at least check with the pharmacist to make sure the over the counter medications will not interact with their prescriptions.

The majority of over the counter products have been deemed safe for use as instructed, and many carry a warning for patients with high blood pressure. Unfortunately, not every person takes the time to read the warning labels until they find out that menthol cough drops and high blood pressure do not go well together.

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