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Various Signs and Symptoms of High Blood Pressure

May 23, 2013 aboutbloodpressure Symptoms

High blood is now a common disease and you may easily get a person suffering from the same in your neighborhood or within your family circle. Hypertension is another word used for the same health issue. Worst part of this disease is that you rarely feel any symptom unless it has been long since you were having it and much of damage have already been done to you. In the initial days, people do not even realize of them having this disease. By the time you get the slightest idea of it, much of damage would have been done to your kidneys, blood vessels and other parts of the body. In the present scenario, hypertension is coming up as a serious and very common reason for development of high blood pressure in many a people. The signs and symptoms of the disease as identified by the American Medical Association are below.

Sign and Symptoms of High Blood Pressure


Regular Checkups: Doctors call this disease as silent killer for the reason that the patient rarely gets aware of the damage it keeps on doing to the body. In non-presence of any symptoms, it can only be detected on annual blood pressure careening as a part of medical checkup.

Headaches: Sometimes the patient may complain of severe headaches that have no other reason behind. If you more often get headaches without any reason, you need to get diagnosed.

Nausea: Nausea can be a symptom for many a health issues, blood pressure being one of them. Whether it comes to be true or not, it surely deserved a checkup for the reason causing it.

Blurry Vision: High blood pressure affects the blood vessels in your eyes and thus may lead to blurry vision.

Breathlessness: If you get tired easily while doing some normal physical activity or experience shortness of breath, possibly you are suffering from high blood pressure. It is advised to get diagnosed for the same as soon as possible.

Effects of High Blood Pressure: It makes the heart weak and large and my cause heart failure. It I a situation when the heart is not able to pump the amount of blood required by the body. It may lead to aneurysms which is a condition in which a bulge occurs in a primary artery that hinders flow of blood. It may lead to narrowing of the blood vessels in the kidney and lead to kidney failure. Narrowing of the arteries at various places in the body may also occur, finally causing hindrances to proper blood flow. The serious effects of this disease rise a question in everyone’s mind – how to lower your high blood pressure?

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