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Walking can lower blood pressure

June 20, 2013 aboutbloodpressure lower blood pressure

Just a few short bouts of walking during the day have been shown to lower high blood pressure.
It is already known that exercise can help with hypertension – high blood pressure, as it is commonly called. But many people feel they don’t have the time for exercise, even walking. Now there is a evidence from the University of Indiana that even short bouts of walking may help with high blood pressure.

The team looked at 15 men and five women who had prehypertension – that is, blood pressure between 120-139 mm Hg (top figure or systolic blood pressure) and between 80-89 mm Hg (bottom figure or diastolic hypertension).

Read more: http://www.newsfix.ca/2013/06/19/walking-can-lower-blood-pressure/


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